We’re Zooming Up The Charts!!

Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 is already #8 on Billboard’s Seasonal Chart, just a few weeks after the album was released! A total of six Mannheim Steamroller albums — including 30/40 — are dominating the Billboard charts. This couldn’t happen without the support of our many fans. Our thanks to everyone!!!!!

30/40 Big Dipper

Listen to Chip describe how childhood treks into the field at night with his grandfather formed a fascination with the stars in him. Watch this short clip to see why “The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper” is dedicated to Chip’s grandfather and first piano teacher, Dr. Ray Louis Sr.

30/40 The Cricket

Hopping in from the trees surrounding Chip’s Raven Oaks home, a cricket had gotten itself trapped beneath a wicker plant stand. The rhythmically even sound it produced inspired Chip to grab a microphone, record the beat and use it as the basis for a new musical track on Fresh Aire III. Click play to listen…


30/40 Nepenthe

Watch Chip describe the origins of the beautiful ending he wrote to Fresh Aire VI. That album, which is dedicated to Greek mythology, concludes with the song “Nepenthe” which was an ancient drug that induced happiness. Listen to Chip reveal how he discovered Nepenthe in this quick clip.

Alchemy Music Video

Want to take a step back in time? Watch this music video created for “The 7 Metals of Alchemy” on Fresh Aire 7. See synthesizers move independently and children transform into adults while they enjoy a magical journey into a sorcerer’s lair. Watch until the end to discover a familiar identity behind the mystical sorcerer.