30/40 Nepenthe

Watch Chip describe the origins of the beautiful ending he wrote to Fresh Aire VI. That album, which is dedicated to Greek mythology, concludes with the song “Nepenthe” which was an ancient drug that induced happiness. Listen to Chip reveal how he discovered Nepenthe in this quick clip.

30/40 Greensleeves

Greensleeves is more than just a timeless classic to Chip Davis. It’s also one of his favorite tunes, made even more so by his recent composition of it for his daughter Elyse. See what went into composing Mannheim Steamroller’s first solo vocal composition and some of the exciting venues where Elyse performed it.

30/40 Felize Navidad

Sometimes traveling around the holidays makes for absolutely unforgettable memories. Such was the case with Chip Davis and his family back when his children were young. During a tour stop in San Antonio, Chip and his family headed to the River Walk for a gondola ride. Watch the video to find out what happened when…