30/40 The Cricket

Hopping in from the trees surrounding Chip’s Raven Oaks home, a cricket had gotten itself trapped beneath a wicker plant stand. The rhythmically even sound it produced inspired Chip to grab a microphone, record the beat and use it as the basis for a new musical track on Fresh Aire III. Click play to listen…


40 Years In the Making!!!!! Mannheim Steamroller’s New Album Available October 21st Everywhere!!!!!

Mannheim Steamroller 30/40, the group’s newest  album, will be released nationwide October 21. The aptly named album celebrates the 30th anniversary of Chip’s first Christmas record and the 40th anniversary of the first release in his Fresh Aire series.    “This album is special to me in many ways,” says Chip.  “In addition to providing an opportunity to reflect on a lifetime of…


A Chip Off the Old Block

A few years back, Sylvania, Ohio, the town in which Louis “Chip” Davis, Jr. grew up, honored him by declaring September 14 as “Chip Davis Day.” The celebration was held at Northview High School, which Chip graduated from in 1965, only then it was called Sylvania High School. The real honor for Chip though, was…


Aireborn Flyaway To Where It All Began.

This Christmas is a special one for Mannheim Steamroller. We’re celebrating 30 years of show-stopping Christmas tours and the 30th Anniversary of Chip’s first Christmas record!  It’s also 40 years since Mannheim Steamroller released its first Fresh Aire album,  skyrocketing Chip and the band to fame. Today we have more than 40 million albums sold…


Alchemy Music Video

Want to take a step back in time? Watch this music video created for “The 7 Metals of Alchemy” on Fresh Aire 7. See synthesizers move independently and children transform into adults while they enjoy a magical journey into a sorcerer’s lair. Watch until the end to discover a familiar identity behind the mystical sorcerer.

Alexander Payne & Chip

Chip joined Omaha native and famed film director Alexander Payne at a recent fundraiser for a historic theater in Omaha. Payne is the recipient of several Oscar, Golden Globe, and other awards including Best Writing, Best Screenplay and Best Director; his work has also been nominated in the Best Picture category. Payne’s filmography includes The…


Benghazi Hero

Chip recently met Benghazi hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto while he was taking a break back here in Omaha from his busy speaking circuit.  The story of Kris and his team members was told in the book and movie, “13 Hours”, an account of the attack on the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi.  During their visit,…