The top-selling non-music product on the Mannheim Steamroller website is Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. The hottest selling ring tone for mobile phones is “Carol of the Bells”

Fact 11

The group has traveled throughout the world for recording sessions and concerts including London, St. Petersburg, Russia, throughout Germany, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.

Fact 12

Mannheim Steamroller has transformed Halloween music just as it did with the sounds of Christmas. The band is the top selling Halloween artist today.

Fact 13

The Recording Industry Association of America has awarded 19 gold records,  8 platinum and 4 multi-platinum to Mannheim Steamroller.

Fact 14

While majoring in bassoon and playing the drums, Chip plays the hammered dulcimer and two old-fashion members of the reed family — the cornamus and crumhorn.

Fact 15

In addition to writing, arranging and recording over 35 albums, Chip is the author of nine children’s books and has created an entire line of food and bath products under the Mannheim Steamroller name.

Fact 16

Chip wrote his first song at the age of six about his dog, Stormy. He received his first Grammy in 1990 for Fresh Aire 7.

Fact 17

Chip’s first job was a telephone lineman. He then went on to sing in the Norman Luboff Choir after college and later became an advertising jingle writer in Omaha.

Fact 18

The hit record “Convoy”, which blew open the CB craze in 1975, and the “Convoy” movie starring Kris Kristofferson were based on C.W. McCall, a fictional truck driver co-created by Chip during his days in advertising.

Fact 19

Chip was named the Country Music Songwriter of the Year by SESAC in 1976.

Fact 20